Aquarius Varela- Daughter of Apollo

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Aquarius Varela- Daughter of Apollo Empty Aquarius Varela- Daughter of Apollo

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///OOC: Sign up was a mistake. Admin, if you read this, please change my name to just Aquarius.///

Name: Aquarius (Long for 'Aqua' as a nickname)

God Parent: Apollo

Description: Short white girl, with medium brown, short hair and silvery blue eyes that you could get lost in. There's so much behind them. She barely has any freckles or markings, and if she does, she keeps them secret.

Personality: Aqua is a bubbly spirit, and sometimes a little spazzy. Like... uncontrollably spazzy. Sometimes it's a problem. She loves her friends and gets very closed and attached quickly. She does good with listening, but only if it interests her. She loves to joke around and play games.

History: Aqua was born in London, and was there until she was 9 years old. She went to a small private school on her mother's request for her to have more secretive education, and now Aqua understands her mothers choice. She left London when she was attacked by a stranger on the street who turned out to be a monster she hasn't yet identified even now.

ADHD and/or Dyslexia: Only ADHD

Gender: Female

Strengths: Strategic, clever, very good at swimming, good with a bow and arrow and sometimes a sword.

Weaknesses: Sometimes pride gets to her head and she fails to work with a team, no matter how much she trusts her friends She's not good at keeping secrets.


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