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Post  Allana on Thu Dec 13, 2012 1:40 am

Name: Allana Omicron (Ally for short)

God Parent: Apollo

Description: Allana is short but light on her feet. She has long hair that she dyed bright cherry red and she has deep brown eyes. Pale skin, only a couple freckles.

Allanaaaaa~ Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRSRMc1H0VIVd_mgA9mGmekkSWa1BHo2UJG0UFhuNOgwW-OYTqr8Q

Personality: Allana really hyper and always looking for adventure! Being a Demigod, she has ADHD which brings out her crazy side but at other times she just zones out and just like 'I like that tree. That is a pretty tree.'. Allana pretty brave but sometimes certain things bring out her weak side. She's pretty creative but doesn't lean to the academic side of creative and smartness. Allana is always looking to make new friends but does get very protective of her friends so don't mess with her. She is a lover for the arts and loves all things music and theater. Allana also get attached really easy.

History: Allana always went to one school her whole life. She always had trouble focusing with her ADHD and all. Her art and music teachers were both mean and nasty so Allana never got to actually have fun doing her two favorite subjects. Allana made lots of friends at her school and liked to get involved with after school activities.

ADHD and/or Dyslexia: ADHD, no dyslexia

Gender: Female

Strengths:Running, Climbing, jumping, hiding /sneaking around, having people to support her, helping others, music related stuff and art related stuff

Weaknesses: Swimming and other water related stuff, paying attention, lying, letting go of things


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