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Post  Chris on Tue Oct 23, 2012 5:43 pm

Hey, just want people to know who I am. In real life I'm a girl, but this forum is full of girl characters so I decided to make a guy. I am a huge fan of Greek mythology, animals, the color yellow, and books. I live in California, but no I am not a sunny Cali girl, gross no offense. I like the outdoors and taking long tiring hikes. I get home schooled so I spend a lot of time on the forums. I own two forums myself. They are both wolf rpgs. A random one and one based on the warriors series. I have a twin brother, he's super annoying, but a great guy to be with. I also have a younger brother another annoying kid. I have two dogs, chihuahuas, I think you know what goes on from there. We have a girl she is nine years old, her name is Miny. She is one of my best friends as I had her since she was 5 months old. I still remember the day, wet, cold and dark. Our other dog is a small annoying creature. He is ten years old and obviously a chihuahua. I am not sure how long I have had him, sad really. Also I am a huge fan, no I'm in love with Chris Hemsworth. Reason for my characters appearance, hehehe. Favorite movie the Avengers. Of course woo! Well I think that's it on me for now.
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