Rules of Camp Half-Blood

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Rules of Camp Half-Blood Empty Rules of Camp Half-Blood

Post  Erin on Sun Oct 21, 2012 4:42 am

-Be respectful
-No Swearing/cussing

-Be a Demigod, not one of Hera though. I may allow one for drama purposes, but they will be contacted via PM
-Make sure to listen to your Camp Councilors, they are moderators and will enforce the rules and keep this RP nice and tidy
-Don't be late
-Please stay active. If not you will be moved to the inactive group
-You are not claimed until your god claims you
-quests/Prophecies will pop up now and then when the admins talk it over
-Every month a site meeting is held in Meeting Summaries or in the chat, see announcements for the location.
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